PowerUP: The Twelve Powers Revisited as Accelerated Abilities!

Imagine . . .

. . . being able to live life more fully, more consciously, more masterfully.

. . . expressing your true spiritual nature in every situation you experience.

. . . being the best person you can be!

You have within you Twelve Spiritual Powers that can help you do all these things!

Originally made popular by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore, the Twelve Powers are actually Twelve Spiritual Abilities which we can use to help us grow to our Spiritually Highest potential. This site is filled with practical information, products, and educational opportunities to help you understand and use your Twelve Spiritual Powers at your highest, most elevated level of Consciousness, so you can “PowerUP” to demonstrate your Divine Potential.

How to Get the Most From This Site

This site is your connection to the most current, up-to-date information, educational opportunities, and products related to the Twelve Powers. We invite you to visit often, and explore all the areas available to you. Within this site, you will discover:
  • Information: Learn more about each of the Twelve Powers, and how you can use them to master the art of living, as well as recommendations to other great sources of information about the Twelve Powers.
  • Training and Education: You’ll find webinars, self-study courses, and syllabi designed to learn more in depth about the Twelve Powers and how to apply them from your highest, most elevated level of consciousness.
  • Products: This section is a virtual super-mall filled with products related to the Twelve Powers, including books, card sets, downloadable eBooks, mp3 podcasts, mugs, T-shirts, and more.
  • Interactive Blog: In addition to articles and discussions, this is a place for you to share your experiences in using the Twelve Powers. You can interact with others who are using the Powers in their lives, and take part in our surveys, questionnaires, and activities.
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